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Scottish Open 3d Championship

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2 Day 3D Field Archery Competition. Consisting of a custom Scoring system on Both Courses. This Event is to be held over the 2 days of the Easter Weekend Bank Holiday 2015 at Mellerstain, TD3 6LG Kelso, Scottish Borders.


The Scoring will be the usual Border Reivers Scoring system. Which means that there will be as many pegs as their are Targets, and it will be 1 arrow per target, per peg. depending on the course, approx. 40 lanes per course, comprising of approx. 80 3d Targets per course. This will be open to compounds, Freestyle, Barebow, Trad And all the usual classes found in a 3D shoot.

Shooting Classifications are as follows.

  • Primitive: Any style of bows made from natural Materials Or Is covered by a Trad replica style (horsebow, Flightbow, EnglishLongbow) and free from aiming devises and stabilisers. (wooden fletched arrows)
  • AFB: Any modern Long bow where the string doesn't touch the limbs bar the limbs tips (nocks). (wooden Fletched arrows)
  • Hunting Tackle: Any Recurved bow free from aiming devises or stabilisers (Wooden fletched arrows)
  • Barebow Recurve: Any Recurved or Longbow free from aiming aids (non-wood or wood shafts, feather or Plastic fletch, stabilisers and button permitted)
  • Freestyle: Any Recurve bow with Sights and Stabilisers (arrow of any material and fletch of any material)
  • Traditional: Any traditional bow or AFB free from Aiming aids or stabilisers but who want to shoot Modern arrow materials OFF THE SHELF ONLY.
  • Compound U/L: This one is easy... compound with all the bits and bobs.
  • Compound Bowhunter: Pin sights and release aids with stabilisers
  • Compound Barebow: No sights, finger shot Stabilisers allowed.

Entry form can be downloaded from here:

Return entry form or enquiries to [email protected]

See more details or chat here:

Stringing a (heavy) horsebow using a double-loop stringer or "kemend"

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There's a thread on AIUK (,
where someone accidentally bought a #80 horsebow & can't string it.

The technique of using a double-loop string or "kemend" is just as applicable to light-weight
horsebows esp. where there is a risk of poor technique
e.g. step-through method or even normal cup&loop stringer;
which may result in twisted, damaged/broken limbs

I know because i've been there with that nice #47 Hungarian Akosbow (
I won on FB for 1000-likes-shares).

The below blog-article has a video demostrating using the "kemend" & also describes
how to use & make a kemend

Turkish Flight Archery: How to string a Turkish bowTurkish Flight Archery Research And Practice

1965 Marksman Forest Princess ....

Posted by ArcheryDuns on June 4, 2014 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0) to the market, specially for the ladies!

& in the "wood"

& some more pics of her & her siblings: "black Princess" & "Forest Knight" here (<--CLICK).

Yabusame on Coldingham beach?

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Things to do on Coldingham beach


Royal Scots Bows - Golden Claymore

Posted by ArcheryDuns on May 16, 2014 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Another restoration/refinishing project:

More details here (<--Click).

Border Bows - Reiver resurrection

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Been refurbishing & refinishing a few bows lately,

here's the 1st, a 1973 Border Bows "Reiver".

Belated tribute to Tom Foy....

Posted by ArcheryDuns on April 3, 2014 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

....of The Archery Centre.

I believe he must have completed his sell off & retirement....last year & his old email(s) no longer work.


....& sadly just found his obituary.


I didn't know him personally, but had bought a Yeoman Lion off him a couple of years ago - & subsequently exchanged a few emails about Yeoman & his time at Sherwood Archery Products - Tom claimed it was his idea to name the Sherwood bows after battles, hence: Poitiers, Crecy, Agincourt,....

Tom won the Masters Tournament in 1960 with an early Yeoman Lion & he can be seen shooting it here.

Knowing my interest in archery & bows & playing catch-up (I only came to the bow in 2009) he also kindly sent me a DVD copy of the 1972 BBC TV programme "Longbow" (looks like it was copied from a video recording) with a young Robert Hardy.

I had many more questions for him that will now remain unanswered.
RIP Tom.

Border Archery "Covert Hunter"

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Introducing .... the Border Archery  Covert Hunter!


"OK folks. here is the Covert Hunter Information Pack. its a 2MB PDF Download which contains stringing info, Bow lengths, approx. expected bow performance and Draw Data. It also contains special Minimum Arrow weights for this bow as its not your normal average bow."

Another sibling: Kings of Kelso "Tweed"

Posted by ArcheryDuns on March 14, 2014 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Had bow for while,

but it's been in storage the past 15 months.
I suspected it was made using the same former as the Royal Scots "Laddie".
Recently, I was able to compare the Laddie with a Kings of Kelso "Popular" - same form & yesterday
I go the Tweed out of wraps & lo, it's also uses the same former.

See the newly extended story & pics here (click!)